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CapitalRise is now Brismo verified

We’re pleased to announce that we have partnered with Brismo, who provide the only independent, standardised lending performance benchmarks in our industry, promoting transparency and giving investors the tools to compare like for like metrics across different crowdfunding and peer-to-peer investment platforms.

With granular access to CapitalRise investment performance data, Brismo will provide independently verified metrics to investors, allowing them to compare, segment and download data based on our entire track record including: loan to value ratios, outbound lending rates, loan terms, late payments, defaults, recoveries, net return, loss coverage and risk adjusted return.

Brismo also allows investors to compare the performance of property loans like ours with the performance of consumer and SME loans, giving them the ability to assess the risk profiles of different platforms across the whole crowdfunding and peer-to-peer sector.

As strong advocates of transparency and high-quality underwriting, we are pleased to give investors access to this data, so that they can easily compare us against other platforms.

The service Brismo are providing is very important and will help to educate and inform potential investors, as until now, customers have been reliant on performance data provided by platforms themselves. By independently verifying performance data, Brismo has set the first industry benchmarks and will help pave the way for a more open and honest approach to disclosing performance metrics in our sector.

You can see our full Brismo profile here.

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