How investments happen

Our team of in house experts carry out extensive due diligence on any property investment opportunity - with over 100 years' of combined experience you're in safe hands.


Deal selection

We receive numerous applications for loans from property developers. We carefully evaluate each one and select only the best opportunities. Our team analyse these opportunities against over 50 criteria - meaning only the most attractive pass the first stage.


Credit Committee

If a deal passes our due diligence process it will be analysed by our credit committee. This consists of highly experienced individuals with a combined experience of more than 100 plus years in the industry.



Our borrowers want their loan as soon as possible so they can progress with their project. CapitalRise pre-funds the loan, along with any funding partners, before offering it to investors.



Exclusively for members, we post the investment opportunity on our platform. Within the deal room you can review all the relevant documentation and decide whether to invest. It only takes a few minutes.


deal closure

We provide regular quarterly updates on the invesment and at the end of the loan term the borrower will repay you, plus your returns.


Our review process

Most property finance proposals do not pass the first stage of our stringent review process. We scrutinise every detail and only make the very best opportunities available to investors

Just 2% of applications are accepted.

Our due diligence checks
are focused on 4 keys areas:


    We only lend to developers who have significant experience and a consistent proven track record of profitable financial performance with a high probability of success in the future.


    We only offer properties that fit our prime criteria. These are the finest homes in the most sought after areas that have a consistently high market demand.


    We only back proposals that have a clear and sensible business plan which makes financial sense. We then stress test that plan to ensure investors still get repaid if things take longer than forecast.


    CapitalRise only backs proposals that have the appropriate profitability and rate of return to our investors for the risk being taken. Our average loan-to-value is 66% and we ensure your investment is secured by a first or second legal charge is secured against the property.

    Our rigourous due dilligence checks are designed to minimise developer/default risk, however they do not eliminate it. See Key Risks for more information on this.

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The capitalrise team

CapitalRise's credit committee are tasked with ensuring the standard of the
opportunities launched to investors is of consistent high quality

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Protecting your investment

Investing in property means that there is a physical asset we are legally allowed to secure your investment against.

Each loan is structured slightly differently, but your investment will either have a first or second legal charge on the property.

A first legal charge means CapitalRise investors will be in the first group to reclaim capital in the event of a forced sale of a property.

A second legal charge means CapitalRise investors will receive their capital after the first group.

We will always make it clear on each opportunity where your investment lies.

You can find out more about how loans are structured and how this can impact how your investment is secured below.

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How we use your investment

We offer property developers two types of loans. You choose which type you invest in.

The Structure of a Loan

When will a property developer borrow money?

Bridging loans

Used when the property developer is waiting to start their project.

Construction loans

Used during the development of property. These are normally provided in instalments throughout the project.

Sales period loans

Used when the property is complete and on the market.

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