Don't invest unless you're prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

Don't invest unless you're prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

Innovative Finance ISA Explained

Tax free returns

Benefit from tax free returns by using the CapitalRise Innovative Finance ISA when you invest in a CapitalRise opportunity. The IFISA is quick, simple and free to set up online and opening one will guarantee you get priority access when we launch investment opportunities.

How to fund your IFISA

There are two options for funding your CapitalRise IFISA. The first is using this year’s allowance to invest up to £20,000. The second is to transfer funds from your existing ISAs to CapitalRise. There is no limit to the amount you can transfer and we will fully manage the process for you.

Benefits of an IFISA


Open in a couple of minutes


Invest from £1,000


Transfer your existing ISA


Receive tax-free returns

Investing places your capital at risk. Tax rules and allowances depend on your circumstances and may change.


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What is a CapitalRise ISA

The Innovative Finance Individual Saving Account (IFISA) is one of 4 categories of ISA that allows customers to earn tax free returns on investments they make. The other categories of ISA are the Cash ISA and the Stocks and Shares ISA and the Lifetime ISA. CapitalRise offers an IFISA which you can use to invest in CapitalRise opportunities and earn tax free returns. For more information on ISAs go to the Government’s web page at Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs).

Any investment into a CapitalRise IFISA will function in the same way as any non-ISA investment does, the only difference is your returns will be tax free. For example:

  1. If you have invested in a development opportunity your investment will be used to assist property developers to complete their projects with your investment returned once the property has sold or the developer has refinanced.
  2. If you have invested in a bridging opportunity your investment will be used to assist the developer with acquisition of the property and your investment will be returned once the developer has refinanced or from sale of the property.
  3. If you have invested in a sales period opportunity your investment will be used to refinance the developer's existing development loan and your investment will be returned once the property has sold.

The rate of return you receive will vary depending on the deals you choose to invest in.

No, you can also make investments through a standard account.

Opening a CapitalRise IFISA account

You must be a member of the CapitalRise Platform and have opened a standard account in order to open a CapitalRise IFISA. Once you are a member click here and provide your National Insurance number.

You can subscribe to as many ISAs as you want within the tax year as long as the total amount subscribed does not exceed the annual subscription limit of £20,000. There is no limit on how many ISAs you can transfer over from previous tax years.

No, it is free to open a CapitalRise IFISA.

We do not make any other charges in relation to the CapitalRise IFISA, however your existing ISA provider may charge you to transfer funds out of any existing ISAs into the CapitalRise IFISA.

Yes. You can read through the CapitalRise Innovative Finance ISA T&C here.

Only members can open a IFISA account. Once you are a member you will need your National Insurance number.

Customers need to be 18 years old and a UK resident to open an IFISA.

Funding a CapitalRise ISA

You can invest up to £20,000 into your ISAs in the current tax year. There is no limit to how much you can invest if you are transferring an existing ISA from another provider.

You can fund your IFISA using your dedicated CapitalRise Cash Account. These details can be found by clicking 'Deposit Funds' on your My Account dashboard. Simply add 'ISA' to the beginning of your payment reference. You can also fund your CapitalRise IFISA by transferring in an existing ISA. You may only transfer in cash, you will not be able to transfer in any existing investments.

Yes, the payment reference will be the same number as for your standard account but with ISA added to the beginning.

No, you may reserve an investment without having funds in your CapitalRise IFISA account. Once you have made a reservation you can fund your IFISA by transferring an existing ISA funds from an or by direct cash deposit.

There is no minimum subscription amount, however the minimum investment in a CapitalRise investment opportunity is £1000.

No, we will do this on your behalf. Don't forget there is no tax payable on any earnings you generate from your IFISA.

Once you have opened an CapitalRise IFISA account and as long as you have not opted out of marketing emails, we will let you know of new opportunities when they are due to be launched on the CapitalRise Platform. You will not receive interest for any cash that is held in a CapitalRise IFISA which is not invested in an investment opportunity.

Once you have invested in a CapitalRise project using your IFISA, if you do not have enough available funds in your CapitalRise IFISA cash account, you will need to add the required funds in order for your investment to be processed. Your dedicated cash account details are available from within your account, on your Investor Dashboard.

No, you have to be at least 18 years old to invest on our platform as such you cannot invest using a Junior ISA.

Transferring an existing ISA

Yes, members who open a CapitalRise IFISA can transfer an existing ISA. There are two ways you can complete this.

You can initiate a Transfer In by logging into your CapitalRise account, at the bottom of the Investor Dashboard you will see an option to “Transfer Your ISA”. This will direct you to a step-by-step process where you will provide details of the ISA you would like to transfer to CapitalRise and you will be asked to sign and return a Transfer Authority Form. If you would like to sign the form electronically, please contact a member of the team. Our custodian Goji Financial Services Limited will then arrange the transfer of funds from the current ISA manager.

Alternatively, when you make an investment in a CapitalRise opportunity you can choose to fund the investment by ISA Transfer In. When you select to fund your investment by ISA Transfer In during the investment journey, you will be directed to a step-by-step process where you will provide details of the ISA you would like to transfer. Once the ISA Transfer In is complete the funds will be automatically allocated, and the investment will be processed.

Please note that you can only transfer in cash and not investments.

Once we have received the Transfer Authority Form, the length of time to complete the ISA Transfer can depend on the ISA Manager the funds are being transferred from. Typically, it ranges between 7-10 working days from start to finish. However, per HMRC guidelines, it shouldn't take longer than 30 days.

We can accept partial transfers from previous tax years but only the whole of the current tax year’s subscriptions. Please note some ISA providers may not allow you to transfer some but not all of your existing ISA, if you are unsure just ask your ISA provider, or alternatively get in contact with us and we can try to find out on your behalf.

No, you will not lose your investment allocation. We understand that ISA transfers can take some time so we will hold your allocation until it has been funded from the transfer. We will continue to keep you updated throughout the entire process.

CapitalRise does not charge a fee for transferring in an existing ISA, however your existing ISA provider may charge you a fee for the transfer and you should check this with your existing ISA provider.

Yes you can transfer out cash held in your CapitalRise IFISA to another ISA provider. You can’t transfer out any live investments. A transfer out can be initiated by completing a Transfer In form with the ISA Manager you would like to transfer funds to. This form will then be sent to Goji as our Custodian to process the Transfer Out. Please note that when completing a Transfer In form you should include the ISA Manager name as Goji Financial Services Limited – CapitalRise IFISA.

You can make a partial transfer of funds plus any returns made from previous tax years, but you can only transfer the whole of your current tax year subscriptions.

Managing my CapitalRise IFISA

You can withdraw cash from your CapitalRise IFISA at any time. If you have live investments that you wish to exit early, CapitalRise provides a Bulletin Board on which you can post your investment for sale at its current value on the terms and conditions as set out in the Capitalrise Terms and Conditions. There is no guarantee that there will be a buyer for your investment.

CapitalRise will charge a fee of 1.5% of the sale price on any successful sales, which will be deducted from the payment returned to you.

At the end of an investment opportunity you can:

  1. Reinvest your funds into another CapitalRise Investment Opportunity
  2. Withdraw cash and re-invest within the same year without your funds losing their tax-free status; or
  3. Transfer out your ISA to another provider

All of these options will ensure that your funds do not lose their tax-free status. You can withdraw your cash permanently from your CapitalRise IFISA but the funds will then lose their tax free status.

Yes, the CapitalRise IFISA is Flexible. This means that you can withdraw cash and reinvest within the same tax year and your funds will not lose their tax-free status, and this amount will not count towards the £20,000 maximum yearly subscription limit.

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