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These are potential opportunities that are currently going through our due diligence process. If an opportunity meets our lending criteria then we can launch it as an investment opportunity for our members.

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Property Outperformance

As indicated in graph below, property has historically outperformed the returns earned from other popular investment classes, outstripping returns from stocks and bonds. If you invested £100 in the year 2000, you would have seen your money grow by a stellar 206% in UK property compared to 31% in gilts and 4% in FTSE 100 shares.

Growth of a £100 investment made in Jan 2000

Investment Growth Comparison Between Property, Bonds, and Shares (From Jan 2000 to Jun 2016)

UK Property
(House price index)
Government Bonds
(UK long dated gilts)
Stocks and Shares
(FTSE 100)


Past performance is not indicative of future results.


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