You could lose all your money invested in this product.
This is a high-risk investment and is much riskier than a savings account.
ISA eligibility does not guarantee returns or protect you from losses.


Sale rate to date

6 days

Average sale time


Forecast total return on purchases

What is the bulletin board?

Our Bulletin Board gives CapitalRise investors more choice. We know that life isn’t always predictable and sometimes you may no longer want to hold an investment until the end of its term, so our investors can choose to sell their investment to another CapitalRise member and get their money back before the end of the term. Posting an investment on the Bulletin Board does not guarantee a sale.

How does it work?

  • You request the sale Log into your account and let us know you’d like to sell an investment by clicking ‘Put my investment up for sale’
  • We list your investment Your investment will be posted on the Bulletin Board straight away and other CapitalRise members will then be able to view the details and decide whether they’d like to buy it
  • A buyer shows interest If another CapitalRise member decides they’d like to buy your investment, we’ll let you know via email
  • We complete the transfer If you’re happy to proceed, we’ll send you your money and transfer your investment
Great, I’m ready to get involved! You’ll need to be logged in to sell or buy an investment Bulletin board
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Are there any fees to use the Bulletin Board?
When your investment sells, you will be charged an admin fee which will be 1.5% of the sale value. There are no fees for buyers.
How long will my investment be listed for?
Your investment will be listed for 30 days on the bulletin board, but you can change your mind at any point during that time about selling it, you just need to let us know. If you have an investment that is paying interest quarterly the investment will be posted for 30 days or up until the next interest repayment, whichever is sooner.
What if my investment doesn’t sell?
If your investment doesn’t sell, you will still have been accruing returns and the investment will be live again at its present value. Your ability to sell will be dependent upon finding a buyer.
I’ve just bought an investment – what happens next?
Before the sale is completed the seller has to accept your purchase. As soon as this happens, we’ll contact you to arrange the payment. Once we have processed your payment we’ll transfer the ownership of the investment and it will appear in your account under the ‘Investments’ tab.
Can I post my investment for sale at any time?
You can post an investment on the Bulletin Board at any point up until one month before the estimated end date. If a loan your investment is within is late in repaying or is in default you will not be able to post your investment for sale.

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