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by Gerard Owen-Rafferty, CapitalRise

If you are anything like me then now is the time of year when you start to think about ISAs and making the most of your ISA allowance.

With the Bank of England holding interest rates at a record low, why would you choose to open a cash ISA? I personally value access to my money more than I value the low returns they offer.

Recent political events both home and abroad have made stocks and shares ISAs ever more volatile and with UK and US stock markets at record highs, is now really the time to invest in them? Plus, are you not already reliant on stocks and shares for your pension? So, what other options are there?

Some of you might not be aware of the Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA), which only came to fruition at the start of the tax year beginning 6th April 2016. An IFISA is an ISA that allows you to invest in all types of peer to peer lending, also known as ‘crowdlending’.

Alongside Capitalrise’s latest offering at Strand Chambers, Capitalrise launched its very own IFISA. The IFISA proved to be popular with the majority of investors in the Strand choosing to invest using their ISA.

If you haven’t yet opened an ISA this tax year, it means you’ll be able to enjoy tax free returns on initial investments up to £20,000. Members will attain early access so if you haven’t already, register to take advantage. You can even open an IFISA now in preparation. Capitalrise expects to offer its next IFISA qualifying product in Q2 2017 with many more to follow.

You can find out more about the IFISAs by visiting the below link:

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