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Investment Summary

  • OVERVIEW – This investment opportunity gives CapitalRise members access to fund the third phase of a loan for the development of three new townhouses in central Oxford.
  • PROPERTY – The townhouses will all benefit from three bedrooms and two bathrooms, laid out over three or four floors. The development is on the site of an existing 17th-century property and will retain the original outer wall, to remain in keeping with the traditional local architecture and aesthetics. 
  • PLAN – The developer is using this first phase of funding to acquire the site, complete with planning permission for the proposed scheme. The total expected investment term is 15-17 months, covering 9 months of development and a 6-8 months sales period.
  • LOCATION – The site is located just a stone's throw from Oxford University's Christ Church College and a short walk from the river Thames. It is also within a mile of the mainline railway, with direct transport links to central London.
  • YOUR INVESTMENT – Investors will benefit from a first legal charge over the property, therefore, in the event of a forced sale of the property, CapitalRise investors would recover their investment first. If the developer is unable to repay the loan CapitalRise will seek to force the sale of the property on behalf of investors. If a sale is achieved the value would need to be less than 65.5% of the anticipated market value before your invested capital and accrued return are at risk.
  • SALES PRICE – Strutt & Parker have provided an independent Red Book Valuation of £2.6 million upon completion of the development.
  • EXIT PLAN – Construction of the property is scheduled to complete part way through the term providing a suitable period for the borrower to refinance their debt.