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18 Grosvenor Square, Apartment 3

Grosvenor Square, London
funds raised

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Investment Summary

  • Developer – PSJL is a specialist residential development firm run by an experienced and seasoned team of property professionals. At present, they are the consortium developing an £800m luxury residential development also in Mayfair.
  • Location - Grosvenor Square, a 6 acre garden square in Mayfair regarded as London's most famous square.
  • Property – The property is located on the 3rd floor and faces due south with 5 windows overlooking the grand gardens of Grosvenor Square. The property benefits from high ceilings and has been renovated by the developer to a high standard.
  • Pricing - The property has a forecast sales price of £18,800,000 from Savills which is in line with other comparable sales evidence in the area.
  • Investment – Receives an interest return of 10% per year, compounding annually, paid at the end of the investment term.
  • Protection – The property would have to fall in value by 37% or more for any of your invested capital or interest to be at risk.
  • Investment structure – The property is owned by Grosvenor Square Limited, a subsidiary of PSJL.