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38-62 Yeoman’s Row, Knightsbridge

38-62 Yeoman’s Row, Knightsbridge, London
funds raised

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Investment Summary

  • Developer – YRPL is a joint venture between Finchatton and another developer, both specialists in the development of luxury residential property in prime central London.
  • Location – Yeoman’s Row is in Knightsbridge and connects Brompton Road to Walton Street and lies some 300m west of Harrods.
  • Property – The property is a new build development of five townhouses and four apartments. The scheme benefits from underground parking and will be fully serviced by an on-site concierge once complete.
  • Pricing – £27m of pre-sales have been secured to date at an average of £3,300 per square foot. This is in excess of the levels stated in the professional valuation report for the project (£3,288 per square foot).
  • Protection – When the pre-sales complete, YRPL's borrowings will be 47% of the value of its remaining properties.The property would have to fall in value by 39% or more for any of your invested capital and accrued return to be at risk. Benefits from the security of a second legal charge over the property.
  • Investment – The investment is forecast to receive a return equivalent to 10% per year compounded annually, paid at the end of the investment term.