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Investment Summary

  • OVERVIEW – This investment opportunity gives CapitalRise members access to fund a bridging loan to assist with the acquisition of a property in Chelsea's prestigious Drayton Gardens which the experienced Developer plans to refurbish to a high standard. 
    Before refurbishment commences, the Developer needs a Licence to Alter. Once this is granted, they will refinance their bridging loan, potentially with a new development loan from CapitalRise. At this point, investors will be repaid. If the Developer chooses to fund the development with a CapitalRise loan, investors will then be given the chance to invest again in the new opportunity.
  • TERM – The underlying loan term is 12 months. We expect the loan to be repaid within 6-12 months once the Developer refinances. 
  • PROPERTY – The property is an apartment located on the raised ground floor of a period mansion block on the eastern side of Drayton Gardens, overlooking Roland Gardens.
  • PLAN – The Developer is purchasing the property with a view to refurbishing it prior to an onward sale. At this stage the investment is purely funding the bridging loan to assist with the acquisition of the property. 
  • THE DEVELOPER – The development team have extensive experience renovating and developing properties in Central London and France (Cannes & Saint Tropez). The majority shareholder has over 25 years of experience and has completed 16 successful schemes. A second shareholder has built a portfolio of Buy-To-Let properties and is a Partner at a London Law Firm.
  • EXIT PLAN – Once the Developer receives the Licence to Alter from the Freeholder, CapitalRise expects the Developer to refinance this bridging loan with a development loan from CapitalRise or another lender. At this point investors will be repaid. If the Licence to Alter is not received within the 12 month term of the investment the Developer will seek to refinance their loan.
  • VALUATION – Strutt & Parker have provided an independent red book current market valuation of £1.65 million. The Developers have agreed a purchase price of £1.55 million which CapitalRise is using for Loan-to-Value (LTV) calculations.