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Knightsbridge - outside view
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Investment Summary

  • Property – Knighton Place is a completed scheme of five townhouses and four apartments where 6 out of the 9 assets have already been sold. CapitalRise previously funded the development of the project and was repaid on time earlier this year. Now your investment will provide a sales period loan for the final 3 homes whilst they are on the market.
  • Location – Knighton Place is located on Yeoman's Row in Knightsbridge and connects Brompton Road to Walton Street and lies some 300m west of Harrods. Hyde Park and the amenities of Knightsbridge, including a variety of boutique shops on Beauchamp Place, are nearby.
  • Your Investment– Your investment will be used to provide a sales period loan to the developer in order to fund the holding costs of the properties through the marketing and sales phase.
  • Developer YRPL is a joint venture between Finchatton and another developer, both specialists in the development of luxury residential property in prime central London.
  • Structure – Investors will benefit from a second legal charge on the property. This sits behind the developer’s senior debt. In the event of a forced sale of the property the holder of the first legal charge would recover its investment first.
  • Sales Price – The three remaining houses have been valued at £47.75 million. Prior to investing you will be provided with the final valuation.