You could lose all your money invested in this product.
This is a high-risk investment and is much riskier than a savings account.
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Investment Summary

  • OVERVIEW – This investment opportunity gives CapitalRise members access to fund the first phase of a development loan for a new three bedroom family home in the heart of Wimbledon Village. The estimated investment term is 14-16 months and further investment phases will be launched to members over the coming months.
  • PROPERTY – A new four-storey family home with three en-suite bedrooms, ample living space across the lower two floors and access to private outdoor space.
  • DEVELOPER – The development team has over 20 years collective experience of property development across London and the Home Counties, having collectively delivered over 60 units successfully.
  • PLAN – The developer purchased the site in 2018 and development of the new property has already commenced. Development is scheduled to complete in March 2020, leaving a suitable sales period of 6-8 months within the investment term.
  • YOUR INVESTMENT – Investors will benefit from a first legal charge over the property, this means that in the event of a forced sale, CapitalRise investor capital would be recovered first. The property value would have to be 39% less than anticipated upon completion of the development for investor capital and forecast return to be put at risk. In the unlikely event the property could not be sold, your invested capital and accrued returns would be at risk.
  • SALES PRICE – Strutt & Parker have provided an independent 'red book' Valuation of £2.95 million upon completion of the development.
  • EXIT PLAN – Construction is scheduled to complete part way through the term, providing a sufficient sales period for the developer. Should a sale  not be achieved within this period, the developer has suitable time to refinance their CapitalRise debt.